KirkandAmy.jpgThe weekend before Easter, together with over 20 student leaders from around the country, we headed off to a shack in the woods, up in the hills of Heidelberg behind it’s beautiful castle for 3 days of fun & fasting.

Yes, I did just use those two words together in the same sentence.  We fasted from food for the first 24 hours so that we could devote ourselves to prayer for one another, for the various student groups and for the nation.  It’s often amazing what clarity of mind and spirit you find when you get rid of the background noise.  Sure, our stomachs growled every now and then but our hearts grew larger, even as our waist lines shrunk a millimeter or two.

Then we devoted time to planning out the upcoming semester as well as a bit of housekeeping concerning finances and calendar, retreats and outreaches and discussing vision and the future of student ministry in Germany. I’m excited about all the great plans made for the coming semester.  A good time was had by all – with a group of leaders like these – nothing is impossible!


June 1st, we are heading back to the States for a year of fundraising… more on that in the next update!

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