Many people ask why Europe is considered a mission field when there are churches in every city. While it may be true that the spires of these great cathedrals are visible across the continent, the markings of real faith in the lives of most people cannot be seen. The bottom line is that many European churches are empty on Sunday morning and not much more than museums.

Altstadt_HeidelbergAttendance and membership in the traditional church is in steep decline and less than 3% of Europeans claim to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The image below is from a national study conducted in Germany called the Shell Report.  It reveals, among other things, that 63% of young people in the eastern part of the country don’t believe in the supernatural – let alone “God” at all.

Shell Jugendstudie / InfografikPray for our students who are living out their faith every day as Salt and Light in a spiritually dark place. They consistently swim against the stream of a culture that claims God is dead and believe that He can use them to spark a new reformation in Germany.

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