kr4As most of you are aware, due to the worldwide news coverage, Europe is faced with the greatest migration of people and refugees since the end of World War II. Germany is at the heart of the situation and we are at the heart of Germany here in Heidelberg.
There are currently over 2500 Refugees in the former US Army base, Patrick Henry Village in Heidelberg and we are helping with a concerted effort amongst the churches in the city to provide clothing and ministry to the families and children. A room has been set up where several times a week the kids and families can play games, do crafts and receive love from the many volunteers from the churches. This is the only thing offered for the refugees. The secular company that provides security and food does nothing for the kids nor provides anything more than the just the basics. The church is truly touching hearts and souls.
You can help! Your gift will assist us in purchasing items that are not always donated locally – like baby diapers, bottles, new shoes, etc. Your gift will  make a difference – and together we are making a difference in the lives of Europeans and those who for the foreseeable future will call Europe home as well.  Click here for support options in the USA.  Click here for support options in Germany.

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