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Kirk and Amy are pastors in Germany, with a burden to serve all people and a special place in their hearts for university students.  Reaching students allows one to touch the future because students are the future leaders and influencers in society. Together they have ministered to thousands of students from many different nations and their ministry is hallmarked by music, small groups and café ministry.


Originally from Michigan / Louisiana, Kirk & Amy moved to Berlin in 2002 where they pioneered a new student ministry (www.sfc-berlin.de) and in 2004, together with a team, planted Reset-Berlin, a café church  (www.reset-berlin.com). There they served in varying capacities as associate pastors and worship leaders until 2008.  The Reset Café serves as the hub for Students for Christ-Germany and is not only a gathering place for students in Berlin but also for training leaders from across the country.  Since 2009, Kirk has been the National Director of SfC-Germany (www.sfcd.de) and involved in planting new groups, training full-time workers and coordinating outreaches across the country and Europe.

In 2013 they helped launch a new church in Berlin called Reset-Charlottenburg, a daughter church of Reset.

Kirk and Amy have three children. Mercy (03-05-01) who was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Jackson (07-12-04) and Alexander (02-25-08) who were both born in Berlin.402073_4343460186578_1645563243_n

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